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By Bob Garfield

"If you crave perception into the wacky, zany, madcap--albeit very serious--business of advertisements, it is a great spot to begin."--Miami bring in A witty and frank examine the advert biz from one in every of its most beneficial voices advertisements has turn into an unending flow of clich?s, tacky productions, miscast celebrities, and gratuitous sex--and take-no-prisoners advertisements Age columnist Bob Garfield has had sufficient. within the frequently hilarious, continuously dead-on And Now a couple of phrases from Me, Garfield appears to be like on the top and the worst in latest ads as he tells advertisements execs that it is time to swallow their very own egos, go back consumers' rights to the vanguard, and--once and for all--eliminate undesirable ads from the face of the earth.

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Much later. He’ll keep ’til never. All right, that covers literature. Advertising, of course, has no responsibility to strike chords of shared humanity. (Although sometimes it does so very well. For more than twenty years, for instance, McDonald’s commercials have plumbed the relationship between parents and little kids, delightfully capturing the joy/exasperation of reckoning with the four-year-old mind. Lots of terrible advertising is APROPOS OF SOMETHING terrible because it aspires to be arty.

Juicy men embalmed her”??? Nobody would write “Juicy men embalmed her,” for crying out loud. That was the point. The guy had it all wrong. Ostensibly, it was a gag about how this bloke couldn’t be sure of his accuracy, because he hadn’t heard the song on Maxell audiotape. But the comedy was rooted in the famous unintelligibility of rock lyrics. ” Likewise, until very recently, I thought the Archies’ big hit went “Sugar, aw honey, honey. ” Truthfully, I was puzzled about why a rock band consisting of cartoon characters would be singing about incest.

So let’s take a moment to revisit the extraordinary, rule-breaking, barrier-smashing, envelope-pushing 1994 For Eyes campaign, from the Beber/Silverstein agency in Miami. ), had amassed a fortune selling discount eyeglasses. Its peace-and-love values remained intact, however, and its corporate principles regarded the use of advertising merely to sell goods and services to be just, like, sooooo old paradigm. Therefore, in a series of fifteen-second spots the advertiser contrived to combine a commercial with a message of social responsibility.

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