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By Judson Knight; Lawrence W Baker; Stacy A McConnell

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During the last days of his life, Alexander—the man of action—was forced to lie on his bed while all his commanders filed by in solemn tribute to the great man who had 12 Ancient Civilizations: Biographies led them where no conqueror had ever gone. , he died before ever reaching his thirty-third birthday. Alexander’s empire Alexander was no ordinary conqueror. His empire seemed to promise a newer, brighter age in which the nations of the world could join together as equals. Though some of his commanders did not agree with him on this issue, Alexander made little distinction between racial and ethnic groups.

Council of Nicaea adopts Nicene Creed, Christian statement of faith; declares Arianism a heresy. : Constantine renames Greek city of Byzantium; as Constantinople, it becomes eastern capital of Roman Empire. c. : Candra Gupta dies; his son Samudra Gupta takes throne, and later conquers most of Indian subcontinent. : Sassanian dynasty of Persia faces invasion by Huns. : Samudra Gupta, ruler of Gupta Empire in India, dies; Candra Gupta II, greatest Gupta ruler, takes throne. : At Fei Shui, an Eastern Chin force prevents nomads from overrunning all of China.

And so great an artist! That generosity extended to others as well. Marcus and Lucius gave the Praetorian Guard a gift equal to several years’ pay. They also established a fund to support the children of the poor. At the same time, they spent little on themselves, maintaining a dignified but simple life at the court. All these measures won the Romans’ hearty approval. Marcus would remain a popular emperor throughout his reign.

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