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By Walter Brueggemann

Within the pages of the Hebrew Bible, historic Israel gave witness to its stumble upon with a profound and uncontrollable fact skilled via dating. This ebook, drawn from the guts of top-rated outdated testomony theologian Walter Brueggemann's Theology of the outdated testomony, distills a career's worthy of insights into the center message of the Hebrew Bible. God is defined there, Brueggemann observes, as attractive 4 "partners" - Israel, the international locations, production, and the individual - within the divine goal. This quantity offers Brueggemann at his most tasty, providing profound insights adapted specifically for the start pupil of the Hebrew Bible

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It concerns the engagement of YHWH with Israel and with the world, and therefore YHWH’s vulnerability and readiness to be impinged upon. The particular focus of Heschel on God’s hurt in the traditions of Hosea and Jeremiah makes abundantly clear that the God of Israel is unlike the God of any scholastic theology and unlike any of the forces imagined in any of the vague spiritualities available among us. The peculiar character of this God is as available agent who is not only able to act but is available to be acted upon.

There is of course a great deal at stake in this dialogic interaction of God with God’s partners. The religious temptation to dissolve the dialogue into an authoritarian monologue is matched by the temptation to self-authorizing autonomy. Both authoritarianism and autonomy are temptations that are everywhere around us. The offer of technological solutions to relational problems is an encompassing temptation among us. Continuing attentiveness to this textual tradition is an affirmative reminder that our God-given, God-engaged creatureliness is of another ilk.

Such a view is an important challenge to our usual reductionism that sees the world as a collage of commodities for our use, enjoyment, and exploitation. When we consider God in relation to God’s partners, it is clear that we are not engaged in an ancient, esoteric question. Rather, we are at the edge of the most crucial contemporary issues. The study of the Old Testament is an opportunity to rethink, from the ground up, the most demanding issues before us and particularly before the younger generation that must live with our crisis into the coming years.

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