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By Gabriel Piterberg

Within the house of six years early within the 17th century, the Ottoman Empire underwent such turmoil and trauma--the assassination of the younger ruler Osman II, the re-enthronement and next abdication of his mad uncle Mustafa I, for a start--that a student mentioned the period's three-day-long dramatic climax "an Ottoman Tragedy." lower than Gabriel Piterberg's deft research, this era of concern turns into a historic laboratory for the background of the Ottoman Empire within the 17th century--an chance to watch the dialectical play among heritage as an incidence and event and heritage as a recounting of that have. Piterberg reconstructs the Ottoman narration of this fraught interval from the foundational textual content, produced within the early 1620s, to the composition of the country narrative on the finish of the 17th century. His paintings brings theories of historiography into discussion with the particular interpretation of Ottoman old texts, and forces a rethinking of either Ottoman historiography and the Ottoman kingdom within the 17th century. A provocative reinterpretation of a massive occasion in Ottoman heritage, this paintings reconceives the relation among historiography and historical past.

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All this resulted, sometime before May 1622, in a plan the padishah had conceived with Süleyman Ag˘a. This plan, due to its potential magnitude and boldness, was tantamount to a political earthquake: the present body of kul—lest we forget, the janissary and imperial sipahi corps—would be done away with, a new one would be recruited in Anatolia, Syria, and Egypt, and the throne would be transferred from Istanbul to either Bursa, Damascus, or Cairo. ” Illustrative of Ottoman politics, perhaps politics in general, was the way in which the plan gained another significant supporter, the sultan’s hoca (royal tutor) Ömer Efendi.

What we have is half a century of transition, at the heart of which the Haile-i Osmaniye is located, through which forces of change and continuity run concurrently; toward the second half of the seventeenth century, however, seniority was clearly seen to prevail. Another possible explanation for the survival and enthronement of Mustafa is the ascendancy of the valide sultan both in itself and at the expense of the haseki sultan. 10 These insightful observations, taken a step further, suggest that 14 / Foundations the haseki institution was less in congruity with the dynasty’s history than the overwhelming dominance of the valide.

Excluding those on garrison assignments in the provinces). 36 Sultan Osman’s grand venture was consequential for all of them. How many of them actually took part in the increasingly violent activities of the kul throughout Istanbul is more difficult to assess. My impression is that the tumultuous and violent three days in mid-May Istanbul we are about to present witnessed the participation of at least thousands of kul, perhaps even more. Numbers could also vary according to particular activities: a gathering at the Hippodrome might be very large, whereas the submission of a petition to the sultan via the ulema was done by an elected delegation.

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