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By Victor Fischer

In 1956, delegates accrued on the college of Alaska in Fairbanks to put in writing a structure for what grew to become the forty-ninth kingdom of the union. They produced a record that many have acknowledged used to be extra fairly acceptable to its time and position than the other country constitution.Victor Fischer, one of many delegates, describes this historical occasion. have a good time the constitution's 50th anniversary and know about the writing of this significant rfile.

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With their help, everything was as ready as possible when the delegates arrived for the convention. Election of Delegates "I have no axe to grind" might well have been the official slogan of those persons hoping to be elected as delegates to the constitutional convention. Candidates insisted that they were concerned only with the public good and represented no interests but that of the people and, in most cases, statehood. With few exceptions, candidates put before the voters their qualifications and emphasized their belief in such things as the basic principles of human rights and sound governmental organization.

The Alaska study, one of the first commissioned, is the only one in the series written by a convention delegate. Victor Fischer's roles in the forty-ninth state before, during and after the convention of 1955-1956 make this study of particular value. It has been my good fortune to participate in many of the sessions which have reviewed successive drafts of the Fischer manuscript. This enabled me to appreciate the special importance of the Alaskan experience. In order to convey some of this feeling to the reader, I am including in the foreword comments made in these sessions by John E.

The remoteness of Fairbanks was unique for a Twentieth Century conclave, and its sheer distance from the congested urban scene provided a perspective difficult to achieve in present day metropolitan civilization. The actors in the Alaska Convention were much more inclined than is usually the case even with the most responsible public servants to reflect on what they were doing and how they were doing it. Consequently, as soon as the Alaska voters had approved their first constitution, those who had been involved in developing Alaska's state constitution began a series of efforts to provide assistance for future constitution draftsmen and revisors.

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