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By Aram Mekjian (auth.), Michel Baranger, Erich Vogt (eds.)

As a lot unintentionally as by means of layout, the current quantity comes in the direction of having a unmarried subject than any of our previous volumes. That topic is the homes of nuclear energy features or, on the other hand, the matter of line spreading. the road spreading or power functionality ideas are crucial for the nucleus as a result of its many levels of freedom. the outline of the nucleus is approached by utilizing version wave functions-for instance, the shell version or the collective model-in which one has truncated the variety of levels of freedom. The query then is how heavily do the version wave features correspond to the particular nuclear wave services which take pleasure in all of the levels of freedom of the nuclear Hamiltonian? extra accurately, one perspectives the version wave services as vectors in a Hilbert area and one perspectives the particular wave services as vectors spanning one other, better Hilbert area. Then the query is: how is a single-model wave functionality (or vector) unfold one of the vectors reminiscent of the particular wave services? for instance we think of a version nation that is a shell-model wave functionality with a unmarried nucleon extra to a closed shell. this kind of version nation is termed a single-particle wave functionality. on the strength of the single-particle waVe functionality one of many genuine nuclear wave services may possibly resemble the single-particle wave functionality closely.

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Resonance at 500 keY with a neutron width of 58 keY. Moreover, the 207Pb and 208Pb compound systems show fine structure in the' same region, with the 206Pb(n, n )206Pb excitation function having eleven i+ resonances participating in an enhancement. The sum of the widths of these resonances is 60 keY while the centroid of the enhancement is at 470 keY and has a width ri = 190 keY. The average spacing of the fine structure is 40 keY (LM 67). With no free parameters in their calculation, Beres and Divadeenam show that the particle-vibration model accounts for the i+ doorway state in 209Pb.

Since these decay and absorption amplitudes are related to the widths of the states, the coupling matrix is then proportional to the geometric means of the decay probabilities of the two states: Via = ;"rx:(rd,c)1/2. From this expression we see that the decay amplitudes through direct decay rx: and through analogstate decay Vfir~p)1/2/(E. - Ea) are correlated if c = p. This one-channel model has been criticized by Lane (Lan 70). The second situation (FF 65, MM 68) in which the fine structure will show an asymmetry with a full suppression is that in which a single nuclear doorway (same isospin as the compound nuclear states) couples the compound nuclear states to the analog state and to the channels.

0 Q oJ '" )- (el Ep ( MeV) Fig. 12. High-resolution elastic proton yield from 40Ar(p, p)4°Ar. After Keyworth et al. (Key+ 66a). 60 d. .. • ..... " . 30 Ep (MeV) Fig. 13. Distribution of widths of the resonances seen in 4°Ar(p, p)4°Ar. After Mekjian and MacDonald (MM 67). narrow resonances or fine structure in the cross section. The energy dependence in the elastic cross section is shown in Fig. 12. We note the following features in this energy dependence. 87 MeV shows pronounced structure.

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