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By Edwin Sherman

SAVE money and time WITH THIS state of the art consultant TO the most recent, so much complicated DIAGNOSTIC gear AND TECHNIQUES

"Ed Sherman is one in every of America's nice lecturers and communicators of marine technology." -- Tim Murphy, former government editor, Cruising World

Whether you're a marine electronics specialist or a boatowner, Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting is helping you already know the recent, extra strong equipment of troubleshooting marine electric and digital platforms. a contemporary boat's subtle installations and networked electronics can stretch the conventional diagnostic equipment, in keeping with hassle lighting and multimeters, previous their valuable limits. This booklet will help you:

  • Use microprocessor-based diagnostic instruments and strategies from the car and communications sectors, tailored for boats for the 1st time
  • Diagnose the main tricky AC and DC difficulties
  • Protect communications and navigation electronics from interference and lightning
  • Seek out and dispose of stray-current resources and galvanic corrosion

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If the symptom is only present when the device is powered by one AC power source versus another, the problem is almost always related to AC waveform or harmonic distortion. Use an oscilloscope to pinpoint. OLD METHOD Use process of elimination, which is often time consuming and frustrating. one symptom exists, are there common causes? Avoid preconceived ideas. Follow test procedures step by step, skipping none. Try to determine the order in which symptoms developed. 3 Determine probable causes.

What is the minimum? 5 VDC. 5 VDC will increase the possibility of an onboard computer “blinking out” or losing data, as well as cause a variety of engine symptoms, such as excessively rich fuel mixtures, rough running, or a complete failure to start. Symptoms will manifest differently from one engine or system to another, but suffice it to say that cranking voltage is of more concern now than ever. High voltage spikes are also a concern, and are sometimes caused by solenoids for battery combiner systems and the like due to inductance (a property of a conductor or coil that determines how much voltage will be induced in it by a change in current) as these devices open and close circuits.

Adjust the numerical amperage value to match the battery rating. ) t e s t i n g b at t e r i e s , c h a rg i n g s y s t e m s , a n d s ta rt e r c i rc u i ts 9 A typical battery label showing CCA and MCA ratings. 10 The meter displays the battery’s state of health in graph form. A reading of less than 80% indicates you should replace the battery fairly soon; at 60% or below, you should replace it immediately. In this case, the situation looks grim, since the battery is barely giving a reading.

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