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By James Delgado

The centuries-long quest for the fabled Northwest Passage competitors the tale of Antarctic exploration for heroism, drama, and tragedy. excursion after excursion trigger looking for a sea path connecting Europe with Asia's riches; each one excursion suffered severe difficulty and resulted in defeat, until eventually Roald Amundsen ultimately succeeded in 1903-06. Across the pinnacle of the World brings this outstanding saga to lifestyles via exhaustive learn, grim firsthand bills, and 1000's of dramatic photos. work, engravings, and pictures of the intrepid males and their ships, in addition to of relics and archaeological websites, offer a poignant and compelling hyperlink with the earlier, whereas landscapes and seascapes of the tough but attractive Arctic illustrate the demanding situations that confronted explorers. protecting the entire significant expeditions intimately, and written with ardour and authority, this ebook is either a scholarly reference and an eminently readable background of Arctic exploration.

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Landing on a small island deep inside his "strait," Frobisher climbed a hill and looked out on the sea. " Contact was soon made with these people, the Baffin Island Inuit. Frobisher and his men had a pleasant time for a few days, trading bells, knives, "looking glasses and other toyes" with the Inuit, who provided meat, fish, and seal and bearskin coats. The Inuit J 7 O 7 ' OO seemed familiar with iron and the ships, leading some modern scholars to speculate that they had seen Europeans before.

Here, Hudson reasoned, was the probable entrance to the Northwest Passage. It took him four years and four separate attempts to finally enter the "overfalls," the strait that now bears his name. Hudson's first voyage began in May 1607, when he sailed from Gravesend, England, in the small sloop Hopewell. Chartered by the Muscovy Company to sail by way of the North Pole, which some argued lay in a warm, open, polar sea, Hudson instead encountered heavy storms, thick fogo and ice off the coast of Spitsbergen r o (Svalbard), a group of islands in the Arctic Ocean.

One ship, the bark Emanuel, was wrecked en route on the west coast of Ireland. The ship was beached and the 100 tons of ore aboard were landed. There it stayed, for new assays of the "black ore" showed that it was not ogold at all,' but worthless rock. 38 7 Reconstructed profiles and plans for two of Frobisher's ships. Paintings/Drawings by Gordon Miller © 1999 The Strait of Anian 27 Archaeological Traces of Frobisher's Expeditions In the aftermath of Frobisher's voyages, the site of his mines and Meta Incognita were lost to Europeans.

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