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By Pamela Hill Nettleton

A quick biography that highlights a few very important occasions within the lifetime of the guy who was once President in the course of the Civil conflict.

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This chapter first appeared in MA 9 (23 January 1909): 5. < previous page page_27 next page > < previous page page_28 next page > Page 28 Image not available. Heading for Farwell's "Wanderjahre" series, published weekly in Musical America, 23 January-10 July 1909 and fall; new enterprises, new men, arise, on the foundation of the truths and facts of to-day. The "young men see visions"and fight and labor that they may come true. We are so close to the event, which has been enacted over so vast a length and breadth of the earth's space, and by so great an army of players, that it is not strange that no chronicler has yet arisen to gather into a single vivid and consecutive drama these scattered scenes of the establishment of national artistic, and especially of national musical, independence.

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Of the nation's musical awakening. The present narrative, however, would fail of its object, did it not strike its roots back into the days of enthusiastic ignorance, of blind acceptance of circumstances, of cheerful nescience. Only in the spectacle of the dawn scattering the darkness, do we appreciate the dawn. With this apology for what is to follow, let us offer up our prayers of the Deity who presides over the destinies of American art, and make the mad plunge. It all began in the Summer of 1889, when among the inspiring scenes of the New Hampshire Mountains, I first made the discovery of music.

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