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By Alvah F. Hunter, Craig L. Symonds

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Page ii A Year on a Monitor and the Destruction of Fort Sumter by Alvah Folsom Hunter Edited and with an Introduction by Craig L. Symonds Page iv Title page photo: The Nahant leads a stationary parade of monitors laid up in ordinary at League Island, New York, after the war. Dust jacket photo: Called back into service for the Spanish-American War, the Nahant served as a harbor defense vessel. S. Navy). Copyright © University of South Carolina 1987 Published in Columbia, South Carolina, by the University of South Carolina Press Manufactured in the United States of America First paperback edition, 1991 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Hunter, Alvah Folsom.

He was interested enough in the Confederate shore fortifications to spend his one day of liberty ashore investigating a captured Confederate fort. " More than a half century later, as a septugenarian in the 1920s, Hunter sat down to turn the diary into a memoir, mostly for the benefit of his own grandchildren. He used the diary to jog his memory, but the vividness of his recollections is testimony to a remarkable mind. " The result is a first hand narrative of a year aboard an ironclad monitor during the Civil War that combines the freshness of an eyewitness account with the mature judgement of an older man.

Further inquiry revealed that Mr. Harmony was stopping at the Revere House, in the city, and that I might possibly find him there about lunch time, but they thought it was his intention to go out of town for the day. At the office of the Revere House, I was told that Mr. Harmony was out, over at the navy yard they thought, and that they didn't know when he would be in. Yes, I might sit down there in the office and wait for him. " In as brief time as possible I told him the purpose of my call, told how I had tried to get into a navy and failed, and how I had been advised to apply to him to have me shipped especially for service on board the Nahant.

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