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By Peninah Thomson; Jacey Graham; Tom Lloyd

Within the bestseller A Woman's position is within the Boardroom, the authors defined the matter, gave complete perspectives of the way it appeared from each side, and provided the arguments for optimistic switch. This ebook is all concerning the "how to." It takes the entire arguments and research of the 1st e-book, and specializes in find out how to follow it and what to do.

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Deciding to Engage Board work is riddled with conflicts of interests, conflicts of duty and conflicts between interests and duties. Directors have a duty to the shareholders who appoint them to maximize shareholder value, and a responsibility, under the law, to ensure that the company’s search for value is conducted lawfully. Their interests in preserving their own reputations tend to make them risk averse, particularly if they are NEDs, and yet they also have a duty to their investors to take, or approve the taking of, commercial risks.

Six have been appointed to the executive committees of their own companies as group executive directors; and two of them now sit on their companies’ main boards. Several have been promoted to important international positions. One mentee has taken a lateral move from a functional role to global operations director, thereby gaining more relevant experience for a board position. One has been appointed a NED of the UK’s University for Industry, another is now CEO of an independent media group, a third has been appointed to the regional board of a national charity, a fourth has been appointed to the board of the Department of Work and Pensions, and a fifth to the board of an NHS Trust.

They’re active politically, can be assertive when necessary, but they’re always open and honest. 1 Personal politics locator So the challenge here is to derive from your values and beliefs, and from your understanding of the organization, a wise (as opposed to a clever or a naïve) way of playing the political game. How wise are you? Is there anyone in your organization who seems, to you, to be playing the game wisely? If so, watch and learn. A Woman’s Place is in the Boardoom: The Roadmap 36 References 1.

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