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By William M. Schniedewind

A Primer on Ugaritic is an creation to the language of the traditional urban of Ugarit, a urban that flourished within the moment millennium BCE at the Lebanese coast, positioned within the context of the tradition, literature, and faith of this historic Semitic tradition. The Ugaritic language and literature was once a precursor to Canaanite and serves as one in every of our most crucial assets for figuring out the previous testomony and the Hebrew language. targeted emphasis is put on contextualization of the Ugartic language and comparability to historic Hebrew in addition to Akkadian.

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I fall down. Situation Message 6. enuœma itti sûarri u ittˆäya Now, with the king and with me 7. gabba sûulmu asûraœnu itti all is well. There, with the 8. sû a rri beœ l ˆä y a mˆä n umme® sûulmaœnu king, my lord, is everything well? 9. teœma literruœni A word may they return to me. Letter Topic 10–47 Concern about shipments 12–13. sûlm With my lady, is everything well? 12–13. {bdh A word return to her servant. 2 Akkadian and Ugaritic Letters Letters 43 Since the Ugaritian scribes wrote in both languages, the forms of the dominant Akkadian epistolary style no doubt helped shaped the Ugaritic style.

1 Scribes in Ugarit and other Eastern Mediterranean sites inherited and adapted the conventions of correspondence developed over centuries in Mesopotamia. Terms like “lord” and the metaphorical use of kinship terminology like “father,” “mother,” and “brother” indicated the relative social status of the correspondents. One notices a predictable obsequiousness on the part of a person requesting help from a superior. These and other features reflect the absorption of the long tradition of cuneiform letter writing by scribes who composed correspondence in Syria and Palestine.

Ugaritian soldiers also fought with the Hittites against Ramesses II 8 See K. Kitchen, “The King List of Ugarit,” UF 9 (1977), 131–42; Yon, “Ugarit,” in ABD 6:695–706; I. Singer, “A Political History of Ugarit,” in HUS, 603–733; D. Arnaud, “Prolégomènes à la redaction d’une histoire d’Ougarit II: les bordereaux des rois divinizes,” SMEA 51, 2 (1999), 153–73; J. Vidal, “King Lists and Oral Transmission: From History to Memory,” UF 32 (2000), 555–66. Ancient Ugarit 15 at the battle of Kadesh (ca.

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