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By John Fry

The rigors and tribulations of a Canadian enterprise titan in the course of a desirable interval in 19th-century Quebec.

A brain at Sea is an intimate window right into a vanished time whilst Canada was once one of the world’s nice maritime international locations. among 1856 and 1877, Henry Fry used to be the Lloyd’s agent for the St. Lawrence River, east of Montreal. The harbour coves less than his domestic in Quebec have been full of large rafts of reduce wooden, the river’s coastline sprawled with yards the place immense square-rigged ships – many owned through Fry – have been built.

As the president of Canada’s Dominion Board of exchange, Fry used to be on the epicentre of wealth and effect. His domestic urban of Quebec served because the capital of the province of Canada, whereas its port was once usually the scene of uncooked illegal activity. He fought vigorously opposed to the abduction of sailors and the harmful perform of deck loading. He additionally battled opposed to and overcame his own demon – psychological melancholy – occurring to put in writing many send histories and essays on U.S.-Canada relations.

Fry was once a colorful determine and a reformer who interacted with the recognized figures of the day, together with Lord and woman Dufferin, Sir John A. Macdonald, Wilfrid Laurier, and Sir Narcisse-Fortunat Belleau, Quebec’s lieutenant-governor.

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