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中国科学院植物研究所对全国各地可食野菜进行调查,收集了100个品种和56个参考品种,编绘了图文并茂的《中国野菜图谱》专著 。

Includes 157 species with colour illustrations and short descriptions.

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Chinese has no precisely equivalent term for civil society. The English term has been rendered into several distinctive Chinese translations, and it is an open question as to which best conveys the meaning of civil society. The debate reflects Chinese scholars’ different understandings of this concept and their various purposes in introducing it to China. Discussions among Chinese scholars on the appropriate translation illustrate the complications of “transplanting” a Western political idea into a strikingly different cultural and political system.

The problem here derives not only from the absence of traditional thoughts on civility, citizenship, or civil society in Chinese history; the rich connotations and controversial nature of the concept of civil society itself also make translation difficult. The debate also reveals how political situations on the mainland and on Taiwan differ with regard to the evolution of civil society. ” According to Weller, as late as the nineteenth century “civil society” could not plausibly be translated into Chinese.

In that context, “gongmin shehui” became an appropriate translation for this term and for Chinese intellectuals’ search for a democratic China (Wang, S. 1991: 102–3). “Shimin,” on the other hand, is an ancient and authentic Chinese word for townspeople or urban residents, and it originally had no particular political implications. Yet, historical research demonstrates the emergence of a political urban consciousness in the later nineteenth century (Rowe 1984 and 1989). Since the early twentieth century, urban residents have become increasingly important in China’s political movements, from the May 4 movement in 1919 to the student democratic movement in 1989.

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