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Are the coats evil? Are they demonic? Or are they just coats, dead things, coverings? With this interpretation the Klippot are to be found everywhere: in relationships, at work, at play, in ritual, in society. Whenever something dies and people refuse to recognise that it is dead, and cling to the lifeless husk of whatever it was, then you find a Qlippah. The Qlippah of Malkhut is what you would get if the Sun went out: stasis, life frozen into immobility. In keeping with the belief that matter is evil, Malkhut has not one but two vices.

Like a story or a song, a program is not a material thing, but it can be written down in various ways; as an abstract specification in set theoretic notation akin to pure mathematics, or as a set of recursive functions in lambda calculus, or it could be written in several different high level languages - Pascal, C, Prolog, LISP, ADA, BASIC etc. Are they all they same program? A story or a novel can be translated into several different languages - French, German, Russian; do we accept each different translation as being “the same story”?

When I say “The cup is on the table”, another person is able to identify in the real world, out of all the information reaching their senses, something corresponding to the abstraction “table”, something corresponding to the abstraction “cup”, and confirm the relationship of “on-ness”. Why are the “cup” and “table” abstractions? Are they not real?

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