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By John J. Pilch

The duty of reading the Bible — which was once written by means of and to humans residing in very various cultural contexts from modern Western society — can appear huge. the other is usually precise: humans can simply fail to remember that learning the Bible is one of those cross-cultural come upon, as an alternative interpreting their very own cultural assumptions into biblical texts.In A Cultural guide to the Bible John Pilch bridges this cultural divide via translating vital social recommendations and using them to biblical texts. in brief, available chapters Pilch discusses sixty-three issues regarding the cosmos, the earth, individuals, kinfolk, language, human recognition, God and the spirit international, and leisure. Pilch's clean interpretations of the Bible problem conventional perspectives and discover subject matters usually ignored in commentaries. every one bankruptcy concludes with a listing of important references from cultural anthropology or bible study, making this ebook an exceptional source for...

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