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By Osamu Sugimoto M.D., Ph.D. (auth.)

In the US and Europe, carbon dioxide has been usual because the distention medium in hysteroscopy, unlike the frequent use of liquid hysteroscopy in Japan. There are benefits and demerits for either media, however the writer prefers liquid hysteroscopy as a result of decreased leakage into the stomach hollow space, lowered glare, and greater particles elimination. even if television photos captured with a versatile endoscope are hired for regimen paintings, the writer insists on utilizing a single-lens reflex digital camera with a inflexible endoscope for generating splendidly transparent photos. Having performed among four hundred and 550 examinations a 12 months for the final two decades, the writer has outfitted up a magnificent library of indispensable diagnostic pictures. Over two hundred of those photos are reproduced in colour during this atlas to supply a visible consultant to uterine abnormalities of unprecedented breadth and clarity.

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Normal endocervical canal of a multiparous woman. Age 27. The crests form complicatedly branched trabeculae Normal Findings of the Cervix 29 Fig. 15. Normal endocervical canal of a multiparous woman. Age 47. The cervical mucosa, of which the surface has a few glandular openings, show relief from the folds Fig. 16. Normal endocervical canal of a postmenopausal woman. Age 55. The scarred cervix is lined with annular crests Fig. 17. Normal internal os of the uterus. Age 39. The somewhat irregular circle of the internal os of the uterus of a multiparous woman is distend able by a little oppression of the outer sleeve of hysteroscope Fig.

Cystic polyp of the endocervix. Age 61. The polyp, which seems to have originated from a nabothian cyst, is white and translucent. 2 Endocervical Polyp Endocervical polyps are often seen in the external os with the aid of a vaginal speculum. Occasionally these may disappear entirely in the cervical canal, causing abnormal bleeding. Endocervical polyps generally have a thin pedicle on which a lining of hairy, branched, vascular network can be seen (Figs. 2124). 32 6. The Cervix Fig. 21. Multiple polyps of the endocervix.

The Cervix Fig. 31. Cervical synechia. Age 51. There is a bridgelike synechia on this side of the internal os. The patient had experienced D&C several times Fig. 32. Complete occlusion of the internal os. Age 66. : Intermittent lower abdominal pain. The uterus was slightly swollen, with tenderness. Hysteroscopy could find only a trace of the internal os in the depth of the distended cervical canal. The lining is a mucosa with plicae and crypts peculiar to the endocervix. Cervical dilatation by Hegar dilator resulted in a drain of mucoserous fluid and disappearance of pain a Fig.

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