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By Krzysztof & Parada, George Mucha

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Lymphomas 1: Including Hodgkin’s Disease

The place do you start to seem for a contemporary, authoritative article at the analysis or administration of a selected malignancy? The few basic oncology textbooks are ordinarily old-fashioned. unmarried papers in really expert journals are informative yet seldom accomplished; those are extra frequently initial experiences on a really restricted variety of sufferers.

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This can be a complete survey of imaging of the petrous temporal bone; it contains the imaging appearances of either infrequent and customary pathology. the entire most up-to-date imaging ideas are incorporated, particularly magnetic resonance with the hot paramagnetic distinction agent Gadolinium DTPA. starting chapters provide an account of imaging strategies and common anatomy and are by way of chapters on congenital ear ailment, trauma, inflammatory illness and neoplasia; acoustic neuroma is given a separate part.

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